Why tenants or buyers are not flooding in and what you can do about it


This article is about tried and tested ways to get the Bees swarming into your Hive.

Before we dive in, let these two questions resound in your mind:

Are you effectively communicating your offer?

Is your target audience getting your message?

Real estate success isn’t just about what you have but rather how effectively you communicate what you have. Writing detailed descriptions of your listings and keeping the listings current, for example, are very important, ensuring that potential clients can access all the important information of the property you have to offer.

If you want to grow your business and operate as a professional, it’s vital to consider how you can use these tips to make your service stand out:


Make use of modern tools available:

It is important to note a central theme that is emerging in the real estate sector: digital technologies.

Traditional methods of posting ads such as using banners, posters, etc. may not allow the liberty of effectively and adequately communicating your offer. 

If you want to grow your business and operate as a professional, it’s smart to be active on a few social networks. Managing and making social media useful may however seem like a challenging task since you’d still have to market and promote your content.

As a better alternative, making use of result-oriented online listing sites means smartly leaving the task of getting your property seen to experts who already have a user base in search of the property you have to offer. A modern real estate listing platform like 'alveohive.com' allows you to run ads, share content and drive leads, all while reaching a wide audience of potentially interested buyers, making it impossible to ignore if you aspire to grow your business.

Even for real estate agents who only work within a small region, a high-quality online presence is the best way to stand out.

Those refusing to acknowledge the industry-wide shift to the use of digital tools risk getting left behind, and you DON’T want to be one of them.

Use QUALITY images:

The real estate industry is a visual business, so it makes sense that having high-quality photos of your listings is extremely important. By spending a little extra time and money, you can produce beautiful images that may ultimately be the deciding factor for a buyer.

Thus, it’s necessary to sharpen not only your sales skills but your photography skills as well! Early in your career, excellent photography skills and the ability to write compelling descriptions about listings will go much farther than mere selling skills.

Do video tours of the property:

One way to take the media aspect of your property communication a step further is to make use of video footages. This gives you a chance to show off your property in a way which is immediately engaging and interesting to every viewer.

This strategy generates 10x more interest since the property seekers would have the chance to ‘live the moment’ making them more likely to patronise your offering. 

Alveohive has some amazing features that permit you to promote your properties by uploading a maximum of 2 short videos to help your prospective clients make a faster decision. This also reduces legwork since the user can easily make a choice from all your offerings, based on how you portray your property through the videos. 

With every listing you make, always know that you’re selling a dream and people will want to experience that dream before actually living it.

Write detailed property information:

When potential buyers are viewing listings of your properties online, they want to know everything they can about it. Users are also interested in the community within which the property is situated.

Do your research, and list major public facilities near those properties, such as schools, restaurants, grocery stores and even traffic patterns, if possible as well as any other qualifying factors. This platform will help you accomplish this by automatically showing you some public facilities, such as schools, within each area you specify. 

With these details, you’re not only winning potential clients to your side, but you’re proving your value before you even get a chance to work together.

Sometimes the smallest details make the greatest difference.

Provide a WOW experience to maximize referrals

A shocking 43 percent of an agent’s business comes from referrals and word of mouth, according to a survey of more than 50 real estate agents, conducted by Alveohive. To reach the next level, focus on driving referrals with current and past clients.

There are many ways to do this, including:
* Providing outstanding and professional service 

* Request for referrals through our platform 

* Give thoughtful gifts or discounts to deserving clients 

* Gain high ratings through our review system when clients are satisfied with your service

Grow your business by testing a variety of ideas including those stated above, and then optimize whichever ones work best to keep the bees flowing into your hive.

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