Property Joint-venture

Leave the laborious task of buying/building and preparing a property for tenancy or sale as well as doing repairs to us.

Using unique tools at our disposal, we are committed to helping each Alveo Partner we sign up reach their real estate goals and enjoy remarkable financial gains even without the deep pockets usually associated with Real Estate.

We invite interested individuals or companies looking to tap into the guaranteed returns of the evergreen Real Estate Industry to partner us on this venture with just a fraction of a property’s cost.

With this partnership, we aim to:

  • Develop top-class rental properties for residential and commercial use in the capital city of Accra
  • Find rental occupants for the properties before construction or renovations are completed or as soon as possible after completion
  • Rent out the residence to provide an income stream enough to cover overheads, and provide favorable profits to our partners
  • Maintain an appreciable occupancy rate each year

To partner with us to own and earn on lucrative, top-rated rental properties in thriving and flourishing locations, Click here.

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